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IDEALS    OF    LIFE                           123
(She comes to the Hall of the Five Hundred Lohan, which au known for their distinctive facial expressions.)
Ah, here are the Lohan, What a bunch of silly, amorous souls!
Every one a bearded man! How each his eyes at me rolls!
Look at the one hugging his knees!
His Bps are mumbling my name so! And the one with his cheek in his hand.
As though thinking of me so! That one has a pair of dreamy eyes.
Dreaming dreams of me so!
But the Lohan in sackcloth] What is he after,
With his hellish, heathenish laughter? With his roaring, rollicking laughter,
Laughing at me so!
------Laughing at me, for
When beauty is past and youth is lost,
Who will marry an old crone? When beauty is faded and youth is jaded,
Who will marry an old, shrivelled cocoon?
The one holding a dragon,
He is cynical; The one riding a tiger,
He looks quizzical; And that long-browed handsome giant,
He seems pitiful, For what will become of me when my beauty is gone?
These candles of the altar,
They are not for my bridal chamber. These long incense-containers,
They are not for my bridal parlour* And the straw prayer cushions,
They cannot serve as quilt or cover. Oh, God!